Steeped in precision

In 1962, Alfredo Colombo decided to embark on his own entrepreneurial path. Today, in memory of that first milestone, the new headquarters of Verderio still host the first lathe. Displayed under glass with dignity like a museum piece, it has been painted blue to recapture the colours of the departments. The dialogue between tradition and modernity is a constant part of Torneria Automatica Alfredo Colombo. The precision that in the Sixties characterised the simple brass pieces is still imprinted on today’s most sophisticated pieces.

Over the years, only machines and equipment have changed. And the needs of customers. In the Nineties, his children brought design, mechanics and electronics to the company and more and more specific orders began to arrive. In 1994, to cope with an increase in production, the company moved to Lomagna in three adjacent buildings, each dedicated to a specific technology. The first CNC lathe arrived in 1996 and 2000 saw the introduction of multi-spindle machines.

In 2004, the Torneria company moved to Osnago, to meet the need for more functional spaces and a renewed organisation. 2005 saw the arrival of Computer Numerical Control multi-spindle machines.

Torneria Colombo

Year after year, machines and technologies have been improved and upgraded with a consistent aim at perfection and excellence. In 2006, the company purchased all-optical control machines. The workpiece cleaning department was upgraded in 2010, introducing vacuum and ultrasound technology. In 2011, the assembly and testing department was set up, as well as the department for the construction of special tools. In 2014, a new facility was opened in Verderio, and the working environment of the factory became increasingly more efficient and effective, a place where working times and areas meet the needs and expectations of employees: training room, canteen, garden, cleanliness, order, product enhancement, customisation of the areas.

And a production cycle that never stops, until arriving at 250 million pieces produced in 2018. Different pieces, same passion since 1962.